Episode 132: Who's Caring for the Vets?

A myriad of issues at the Cincinnati VA are leaving veterans who are trying to seek care in a bureaucratic abyss. When Bill Hatfield showed up at the Cincinnati VA in May of 2015, the Vietnam veteran was in excruciating pain. More than 40 years after lugging heavy artillery around the battlefields of Vietnam, Hatfield’s back was a complete wreck. But he was told there were no neurosurgeons remaining at the Cincinnati VA that could provide him with treatment. Hatfield’s timing couldn’t have bee

Boston local artist: Jennifer Sherr

Jennifer Sherr talks slowly, and her tone is lower than most women. She is tall and thin, has a long face, tall forehead, big eyes, and a pointy chin. Her red hair is a little bit curly and hangs on her shoulders. Sometimes she tucks her hair behind the ears and peeps out her earrings. She likes thick jewelry: heavy necklaces, giant cuffs and large belts. For her, big is beautiful. Sherr is an attractive image. She can be very elegant and artistic, and also keeps her lovely side. One day I was